Saturday, 15 January 2011

RAGE 2011 - how it started

I am slowly working on Rage 2011 and i thought it would be good to share some of the back ground information i have been working on recently.
 I will be posting some of the character stats on the Ganesha Games yahoo group, so it will be worth checking it out. I am thinking of doing this project in 20mm using the excent Elhiem miniatures that can be used for lots of paranormal gaming and card model railway buildings.

As always, enjoy!


It started on a rainy winters evening in early January, all the television channels stopped normal broadcasting and ‘breaking news’ reports started to come thick and fast. They are reported the same thing, a large explosions had happened in London, Paris, Lisbon, New York, Tokyo, Milan, Berlin, in fact all capital and densely packed cities around the world. This in its own right was concerning as everybody thought it was another 9-11, 7-7 terrorist attack, but it soon immerged this wasn’t the case. The so called world terrorist soon became brothers in arms.
The London explosion happened not too far from Covent Garden tube station, hundreds were reported injured, but not many had been killed. This apparent silver lining to this tragedy was soon to change. Looking back the ones that died in the initial explosion, where the lucky ones, the injured soon began to change in a way that no medical doctors or experts could explain. The changes to these survivors were what could only be described as the things that bad dreams are made from, hungry and savage. Even some of the most acclaimed horror films of the late 90’s and early ’00 couldn’t begin to imagine that horrors that the “blighted” brought to England.
Worse than the changes the survivors went through was the rate at which the infection began to spread. How it spread initially wasn’t fully explained, but how it spreads now is easily understood. You don’t let any of their blood come in to contact with your skin. Well if it does you do have a small window of opportunity to wash it off before the acid like blood burns through you skin. If on the other hand they bite you, forget it you are either dead or ‘zed in a few days’ time.
The “blighted” as the explosion survivor became know as in official circles, such as the remaining functional departments of the government and world organisations. To us normal people they were simply the living dead, or ‘zeds.
Living in the UK, had some advantages over our European neighbours, however there was some disadvantages, mainly we didn’t have a gun culture or land locked neighbouring countries that have had civil strife or lax gun laws. In our favour we all thought we could do DIY in the UK and hence had lots of DIY superstores, in Sheffield there was at least 7 such stores and hence we armed ourselves with heavy blunt instruments and chainsaws.  

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Games Workshop - Island of Blood & War of the Ring mini reviews

The youngest son recieved Island of Blood for Christmas and i must admit it is full of lovely minatures and the new rules seem pretty good as well. It is worth a look if you are thinking about getting in to wargaming or adding to you exsiting High Elves or Skaven armies.

I recieved War of the Ring rule book and this is a mighty tomb indeed! It is everything you would expect from GW with the added bounus that the rules read pretty well and are suitable for other historical periods of wargaming up to late medieval battles. (IMO) It is expensive but i feel it is worth it as the army lists are included so no additional books to buy.