Wednesday, 18 April 2012

ACW '61-'65 rules arrived

After reading a post on TMP, that showed some beautiful 10mm ACW miniatures made by Blazeaway Miniatures, i decided to take the plunge and splash out on a printed version of Ganesha Games '61-'65 ACW rules.

‘61-‘65 ACW Rules (PDF)

They arrived yesterday and i have read through them once and i am very impressed, the type face and layout id very clear. The art work used is also of a very high standard and helps tie the whole product together.
I am going to to some ACW gaming in 10mm using Blazeaway or Langton Miniatures Starfort Models.

As far as i can tell from my initial read of the rules I will not need much more than 100 models which based on Langton prices means i can have two forces for about £25.00!!!! Now to me that isn't too much of an investment in the lead and I will be able to sneak these under the wifedar.

The wifedar is my wife ability to find my miniatures that i like to buy and add to the lead pile and then complain at how much i have got and the cost. I never complain about her shoes or expensive handbags ;-)

Keep tuned as i post more information about this project and these rules.

All the best,