Sunday, 22 May 2011

He went, he saw & he spent....

Well after being told 'NO' to a visit to Triples, my wife reconciled and let me go. I had to do loads of DIY stuff first but never the less i managed a trip to a show.
Triples for me is really good because it is held in Sheffield and is only 2.5miles from my front door! It has changed venues and is now at the Institute for Sport, all i know is i once sat some first year university exams on the running track!
I much prefer this venue to the old one at the Octagon at Sheffield university, it is more 'roomy'.
The show seemed empty but was actually really good, looks of great looking 'eye candy' games to watch, not many participation games but a great atmosphere anyway.
All of my buys were impulsive, and for once i really enjoyed all of them. There was none of the regret or guilt that one feels when buying for the sake of buying or buying something because you think you need it when in fact you needed the other thing. However all being said that is what being a war gamer is all about, one huge pile of lead and a ton of unfinished projects..

One of my best buys today was 4 packs of Blood Dawn fantasy miniatures, the guys at Magist Militum allow their children to earn pocket money if they pick and pack miniatures. They did a selection of Orc and Dwarf packs, which they priced at £1.50! A real bargain if you ask me. Of the 4 packs i got 3 Orc packs and 1 Dwarf pack, giving a total of 12 various armed Orcs and 6 various armed Dwarfs. In terms of SoBH, the Orcs total 445pts and the Dwarfs 278pts. £6.00 for two war bands is awesome.
The figures themselves are lovely, very chunky and about 20mm tall, lots of good detail and i am guessing a treat to paint.
The link to them is here:
I will be getting some more of these in the future.
I also got some bargain Lords of the Rings characters and some Hasslefree Bohkin - not sure why but they looked good and i have a few Grymn. I will post some photos soon.
Lastly I bought this figure from Studio McVey - I normally wouldn't pay £7.00!!!!! for one figure but i really like it, and looking at the website i saved £0.99!!!! The painted version with the Pulse cannon is brilliant, reminds me of Cole from Gears of War.
All in all had an enjoyable few hours at Triples and for once i came home and assembled / based all my figures! Now that is a first :-)