Thursday, 27 December 2012

Full circle......

I randomly came across a website that had some nifty house rules for GW Epic Armageddon, they are called Minigeddon. I gave them a read through and thought to myself, they were the ticket to getting some gaming done in a reasonable time and space.
I have a tonne of epic stuff along with other 6mm sci-fi items.
I remember long ago that Spacemarine was my first ever wargame, I got it bought as a gift. I still have somewhere the Chapter flags.
So 24 years after playing epic I am going to re start it, using the Minigeddon rules as a basis to then build  bigger armies.
I am also going to create some solo rules, which I will share once they are created next year.
My first minigeddon force will be Space Wolves followed by Orks, Imperial guard and Eldar. I also have lots of Squats somewhere so they will also get an appearance.

Friday, 21 December 2012

Apocalyptic Disaster Avoided....

It is 11:51 as i type this, my last blog entry (maybe) for 2012. What a great year it has been, the Olympics have been great and we won the cricket! Also i have managed to get bits and pieces painted.
Done some Crimson Fist Space marines, and i am slowly getting my ACW mounted to the custom bases and then they will get a coat of the good stuff.

Next year, is going to be a busy year with work. I have a promotion! I will be the Technical Director. Bricking myself about it but also looking forward to the challenges it will throw out. Hopefully I will still be able to get some war gaming done. I miss pushing the lead around.

Well I want to wish you all a very Happy Holy and Merry Christmas and my your dice roll good for 2013!

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Hell again.....

I have just got my grubby little paws on yet another "old skool" set of rules. This time i have managed to pick up Hell by Starlight, first written in 1993.
From my cursory glance it is yet another set of finely written rules for 15/25mm sci-fi skirmish games.It uses a very similar reaction system to Hellfire and the two interchangeable.

I will report more once I have fully read the rules.....