Thursday, 27 December 2012

Full circle......

I randomly came across a website that had some nifty house rules for GW Epic Armageddon, they are called Minigeddon. I gave them a read through and thought to myself, they were the ticket to getting some gaming done in a reasonable time and space.
I have a tonne of epic stuff along with other 6mm sci-fi items.
I remember long ago that Spacemarine was my first ever wargame, I got it bought as a gift. I still have somewhere the Chapter flags.
So 24 years after playing epic I am going to re start it, using the Minigeddon rules as a basis to then build  bigger armies.
I am also going to create some solo rules, which I will share once they are created next year.
My first minigeddon force will be Space Wolves followed by Orks, Imperial guard and Eldar. I also have lots of Squats somewhere so they will also get an appearance.

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