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SoBH for LotR view :-)

Well I wanted to share a point of view and if you have never tried it a recommendation as on!
So being a wargamers for ages and as many wargamers always looking for the ultimate/perfect rule system. I was totally taken aback by Song of Blades and Heroes. At first I thought the cover looked a little bit childish, almost comical in fact. However the price tag was simply too good to resist and there was a lot of positive comments being made on the, The Miniatures Page. I took the plunge and to be totally honest it has been well worth the money. I have since bought further expansion books which all have been fantastic.

My main attraction, and the reason for this blog, of why I like SoBH so much is really simple - Lord of the Rings.
I bought GW, 'The Mines of Moria' box set and was really impressed with the contents, loads on miniatures and scenery, those pointless range rulers which are only good for re-enacting sword fights and back scratching.....
The rules that came with the game, as a GW standard, are packed with high quality photos of miniatures on awesome looking gaming boards. However the only thing at left me deflated was the game rules, don't get me wrong I think the rules are a very welcome break from the normal GW rules, but after watching the movies and reading all the books they didn't to me seem to portray how I imagined battles in Middle Earth.

Thank goodness for Ganesha Games! The simple and elegant rules make for great games in Middle Earth, or any type of earth for that matter.

So with my nirvana of rules found I would like to share some of my LotR stats with you guys. I would like to point out this is how I perceive the miniatures and their effectiveness on the tabletop. Feel free to mod them as you see fit.


Forces of Good 
NameQualityCombatSpecial RulesPoints
Strider (Aragorn)3+4Hero, Combat master, Shooter (L), Forester110
Gandalf the Grey3+3Magic user, Leader90
Borimer3+5Hero, Fearless, Heavy Armour96
Gimli, Son of Gloin3+4Move (S), Heavy Armour, Hate - Orcs50
Legolas2+4Forester, Shooter (L)75
Frodo3+3Move (S), Stealth, Free Disengage, Lethal Vs. Orcs42
Sam4+2Move (S), Steadfast, Stealth20
Merry4+2Move (S), Stealth15
Pippin4+2Move (S), Stealth15
Gandalf the White2+3Legendary Wizard285
Isildur3+4Leader, Heavy Armour, Fearless82
Faramir, Ranger3+4Leader, Forester, Shooter (L)90
Gamling3+4Heavy Armour, Steadfast52
Aragorn King of Men3+4Hero, Leader, Fearless106
Captain of Men3+3Leader, Heavy Armour70
Captain of Men - Mounted3+3Leader, Heavy Armour, Mounted, Move (L)98
Dwarf Captain3+4Leader, Heavy Armour, Move (S)74
Dwarf King2+4Move (S), Heavy Armour, Leader, Steadfast100
King of the Dead3+3Leader, Undead, Free Disengage, Assassin102
Warrior of Men - Hand weapon3+330
Warrior of Men - Archer3+3Shooter (L)44
Warrior of Men - Mounted3+4Mounted (L)72
Warrior of Men - Guard / Elite3+4Heavy Armour, Move (S)44
Warrior of Men - Ranger3+3Forester, Shooter (L)50
Elf Warrior  - Hand weapon2+3Heavy Armour, Forester53
Elf Warrior  - Archer2+3Shooter (L), Sharp Shooter, Forester73
Dwarf Warrior - Hand weapon3+4Move (S), Heavy Armour40
Dwarf Warrior - Archer3+4Move (S), Shooter (M)42
Dwarf Warrior - Guard / Elite3+4Move (S), Heavy Armour, Steadfast46
Dwarf Ranger3+4Move (S), Shooter (M), Forester54
Army of the Dead - Warrior3+3Undead, Free Disengage42
Army of the Dead - Mounted3+3Undead, Free Disengage, Mounted, Move(L)74
Forces of Evil
NameQualityCombatSpecial RulesPoints
Suramon3+3Evil, Magic user60
Witch King3+3Assassin, Free Disengage, Undead72
Ring Wraith3+3Free Disengage, Undead42
Ring Wraith - Mounted3+3Free Disengage, Undead, Mounted, Move (L)74
Lurtz, Uruk-hai Captain3+4Leader, Combat Master, Shooter - Medium98
Gothmog - Foot3+4Leader, Steadfast76
Gothmog - Mounted3+4Leader, Steadfast, Savage, Mounted, Move (L)114
Uruk-hai Captain3+4Leader70
Goblin Captain3+3Leader60
Goblin Captain - Mounted3+3Leader, Mounted, Move(L), Savage81
Orc Captain 3+3Leader60
Haradrim Chieftain3+3Leader, Evil60
Uruk-hai - Hand weapon4+4Heavy Armour38
Uruk-hai - Cross bow4+4Heavy Armour, Shooter (L)48
Uruk-hai Berserker 4+4Berserker36
Uruk-hai Scout4+4Shooter (M)36
Moria Goblin - Hand Weapon4+2Clinging20
Moria Goblin - Archer4+2Shooter (M) Clinging23
Warg Rider - Archer4+4Mounted, Move (L), Shooter (S), Savage62
Warg Rider4+4Mounted, Move (L), Savage59
Orc - Hand Weapon4+323
Orc - archer4+3Shooter (M)29
Morannon Orc4+3Heavy Armour30
Cave Troll 5+4Tough, Fearless, Big41
Mordor Troll5+4Tough, Fearless, Big, Heavy Armour46
Haradrim Warrior - Hand weapon3+330
Haradrim Warrior - Archer3+3Shooter (M)38
Haradrim Rider3+3Mounted, Move (L), Shooter (M)70
Warg4+4Move (L), Savage50

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