Thursday, 26 July 2012

Square or Round...?

I was thinking again on the drive to work this morning if I should base some of my WHFB stuff on round bases and go for the element type / War of the Rings basing or stick with the traditional square bases.
I don't play at any GW stores or local gaming clubs and I prefer round bases for my skirmish games anyway.
The disadvantage with going round would be that units might look smaller due to the diameter of the round base being 25mm as opposed to 20mm square base....

Might try a few and post some pictures.


  1. If you ranked them up, on round bases the unit will look bigger in terms of footprint.

    What gaming are you thinking of using these for?

  2. WHFB, KoW, WotR and my skirmish games mainly hence the round base idea over the square.