Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Proper Planning Prevents P155 Poor Performance

Ok, this isn’t a post about project management techniques more about me recording what I am going to do and in what order, hopefully it will help reduce my impulsive magpie-ness in buying all manner of random and not so random wargames and miniature related things.

Finish off making models from GW Dark vengeance box set.

Finish painting Crimson Fists          

Perform cost analysis for 6mm and 10mm ACW miniatures and buildings for use with Ganesha Games excellent set of ACW rules 61’-65’. I like the look of both Blaze Away miniatures and Pendraken for 10mm and Baccus or Alder Miniatures in 6mm scale. I actually want to do this as a complete ‘battle field in a box’ project. Both forces and all the terrain and scenery in one A4 box file.

Develop more Hellfire scenarios and revisit some of my old 6mm sci-fi miniatures and rebase them and give them a touch up of paint. Get some 6mm futuristic terrain and buildings for playing these games. I think I will be getting most of this from Angel Barracks, I really like Michaels 6mm buildings.

Pirates! I have some Bluemoon 18mm Pirates and they are fantastic, I want to get these based and painted. I am going to start with the three figures that I can use as objective markers / tokens and then build the various Pirate forces. I will also get some ‘pirate hunters’ in the form of some Tricorn British troopers. I would like to do this as a ‘battle field in a box’ as well with tropical based terrain and scenery.

Write some home rules for using 10mm Zulus in Hellfire against some Colonial British I have. I think the rules are perfectly suited to such battles.

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