Wednesday, 22 December 2010

First draft of my Flying Lead 40K stats

Here are my first draft stats for 40K gaming using Flying Lead. Enjoy!

Space Marines
Characters:QualityCombatSpecial RulesWeaponsPoints
Sergent3+4Elite, Fearless, Strong, Danger Sense, 2ICBolt pistol (Machine Pistol), CC Weapon,knife110
Tactical Marine3+4Elite, Fearless, Strong, Danger SenseBolt gun, knife122
Heavy bolter, knife144
Missile launcher, knife148
Flamer, knife148
Melta gun, knife118
Plasma gun, knife130
Rhino3+1Armored +1 (Thin), Off-Road, Personnel Carrier 9 passengers, Tracked, Vehicle, storm bolterStorm bolter128
Space Ork Raiders
Characters:QualityCombatSpecial RulesWeaponsPoints
Ork Boss4+4Strong, Leader, FearlessBolt pistol (Machine Pistol), CC Weapon,knife87
Ork Nob4+3Fanatic, Dashing, 2ICBolt pistol (Machine Pistol), CC Weapon,knife78
Ork raider4+2Fanatic, Dashing, EagerBolt gun, knife78
Heavy bolter, knife95
Missile launcher, knife98
Flamer, knife98
Melta gun, knife75
Plasma gun, knife84
Ork Dreadnought5+5Short Move, Armour +3Las Cannon, Heavy Bolter, CC weapons135
Characters:QualityCombatSpecial RulesWeaponsPoints
Eldar Leader2+2Elite, Leader, SprinterShuriken Pistol, CC Weapon123
Eldar Trooper2+2Elite, SprinterShuriken Catapult, Knife108
Las Cannon, Knife158
Characters:QualityCombatSpecial RulesWeaponsPoints
Great Harlequin2+2Acrobat, Dashing, Elite, Fear, LeaderShuriken Pistol155
Shadow Seer2+2Acrobat, Dashing, Elite, Fear, 2ICShuriken Pistol143
Solitarie2+2Acrobat, Combat Fiend, Dashing, Elite, Fear, StealthShuriken Pistol175
Death Jester2+2Elite, Fearless, Steady Under Fire, Strong,Shuriken Cannon155
Harlequin2+2Acrobat, Dashing, EliteShuriken Pistol93


  1. Could you post more stats? For Eldars, for example... :)

  2. I will have a look, i think that some of the aspect warriors could be fun to create... I will see what i can do. Watch this blog!!!