Tuesday, 21 December 2010

It's been a long wait, but it is here at last!

Yes the weather hasn't helped any but finally my copy of Ultramarines arrived yesterday, I guess I have been waiting 20years for this film and for me it didn't disappoint. It just wasn't long enough, 76mins of Spacemarine goodness went by in just over an hour of enthralling CGI entertainment :-)
This DVD isn't for everyone but those who like Spacemarines should like this film, nice twist at the end, but no spoilers here....

What this DVD has done for me has given me an excuse to dust off some old Ultramarines I bought off a friend and get back into some 40K themed skirmish games using Flying Lead of which there will be more news soon. (My first 5 man RT Beakie marines have been finished and I have a host of RT Orks so the battle should be fun ;-) Rynn's worlds with Blood Angles)

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