Saturday, 23 April 2011

..and some more photos of WIP

WIP = Work in progress ;-)

OK some shot from the painting tray, yes the only space i have for painting is a small tray, that lives under a bookcase. Not ideal but kind of explains why it takes me ages to get anything painted :-0

First up,"Big Ted", the kids love this model and who wouldn't a Gorilla with a Tommy gun.....

He is going to have a white suit and pink shirt......

Next we have some rare Marauder Miniatures, Space Orks, these are going to end up being red and black, but not Goffs....

My Dixon Rebels........... these will be grey i guess ;-)

Last but not least, my OOP Eldar, i really like these models. I miss some of the old RT stuff. It would be good if GW for an anniversary released all their old models again, Alas i still wouldn't be able to afford them. I believe back in the day these miniatures were £0.80 each! Wow 14 years of inflation.......not only does the newer stuff suffer scale creep but also price creep ;-)

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