Sunday, 18 December 2011

Random post about WD384

Its been far too long since i las t posted, been busy with teh wee man and taking internal walls down :-)
Anyway I was in ASDA the other day and noticed they had Decembers issue of White Dwarf in, so i thought it was worth a read.
I haven't read a WD for years, maybe issue 200 or something, I can remember my first however, issue 128, strange how you can remember somethings better than others.
Issue 384 isn't a bad read, same layout as a remember from all those years ago, painting articles, battle report, scenarios, rules. All in all not a bad read, they new models are simply fantastic even if you have fallen out of love with the Games Workshop price structure. Those new beastman monsters are fantastic, can't wait till after Christmas as i am sure some will be on ebay :-)

All the best.

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