Sunday, 8 January 2012

Belated New Year to you all

Well it's been await, and a lot has happened. Redundancy and a new job all around Christmas and we all had that norovirus which knocked us for six. However we have bounced back and i intend to blogg more....

In the sales i managed to get a new copy of 'Space Marine' for the x-box. It isn't a bad game but not as good in terms of the engine underneath as gears of war and similar games. In fact it reminds me of the games from the early 90's, however i really enjoy it as i get to shoot loads of orks which is fun and the method of recovering health is interesting. Basically you execute a stunned foe and hack them apart with your chainsword!
If you managed to get a copy cheap its worth checking out if you like the 40K verse but you will be disappointed with the game play compared to other games of a similar genera.

All the best for 2012!


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