Saturday, 20 October 2012

World of Tanks!

Well due to not having lots of time to push the lead around, i got into playing World of Tanks.
Not the greatest tank commander but have managed to get into a clan - Fire Strom Commandos.
I also have a Tiger tank which i enjoy, but i just got myelf a KV-1S, its still stock but it rocks. Results of the first two games;

Battle: South Coast 20 October 2012 20:59:24
Vehicle: KV-1S
Experience received: 393
Credits received: 13,806
Battle Achievements: Sharpshooter
Battle: Airfield 20 October 2012 21:09:05
Vehicle: KV-1S
Experience received: 1,515 (x3 for the first victory each day)
Credits received: 11,191
Battle Achievements: Master Gunner, Sharpshooter

I guess i will keep on grinding, IS-3 and Tiger II to be had! :-)

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