Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Lucky Loft Find!

well over the weekend whilst tidying up the loft, i came across a box, which at first glance looked insignificant. Upon closer inspection this box yielded some old 40K rules and codex books, all 3rd edition but perfectly usable. Imperial Guard, Eldar, Tyranids, City Fight, Jungle Fighters, Orks,Chaos Marines & Codex Assassins where all in the box as well.
So i have an out of date rule book and additional rule resources but i don't think it will put me off having a few games with the boys and it will save a fortune as a pick up game now and again. It will also give a new lease of life to my massive hoard of old GW stuff, which for some reason they never seem to fit right with any other rules?!?!?

I have also dug out a very old copy of 40K in 40minutes which is going to be the bases of using my recently found 40K gold mine.

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