Saturday, 12 March 2011

SDS (short) AAR - Skirmish at the river

This skirmish takes place at a river somewhere in Portugal. Both the French and the British need to control the bridge to allow vital supplies to flow to the front lines and a quick exit route if needed.
Each side has dispatched a small scouting force to take and hold the bridge until reinforcements arrive. Little do each side know but they both have the same idea on the same day.
The British arrive from the South West, lead by the renowned Major Blunt. The French arrive from the West with no knowledge of Major Blunts Rifles.......

Major Blunt and his men.....

The French move forward....

Two French troopers open up on the exposed British on the road....
The bugler is KIA, and another rifle man is knocked to the ground.
First blood to the Emperor!

What is this? The French have reinforcements!

However the French officer doesn't have much luck with the dice, this is the second lot of turn overs rolled!

But wait, what is this? It's only Sergent McMurphy, he has flanked the French and their officer has kindly walked into his sights and has now entered the after life!

McMurphy has rattled the French and they leg-it for somewhere safer.... One of the Frogs does has a last ditch go at the British but he is wide of the mark.

This was a really fun game and only took 20mins to play! One of the reasons why I so love the Songs System.
I used the solo rules that are here on my blog and they work really well, I guess it was because each side had an objective that made it easier to play this game as a solo game.
The miniatures as AB, and are wonderful, if not a little big for 15mm, they are nearer 18mm if not 20mm. However my painting does not do them justice. Something that I am going to work on as I really enjoy Naps gaming.
I am really looking forward to my next game of SDS, I wonder what Major Blunt and Sergent McMurphy will be up to next time..... Who knows but one thing is for sure the French better watch out!


  1. Nice little game and report.

  2. Hi Dale,
    Thanks for the comment. Most "Songs" games play really quick, this one was very quick, about 20mins, I think i spent longer sorting out the table than playing the game :-)

  3. Alright! Some more Nappies in action. Good on ya!